A quick crash course for film equipment in 2014

I was making a list for better green screen lighting options for Adam from YouTube EpicWildLife, I met him this Tuesday and he’s an awesome guy! Anyway I remember seeing things at NAB2014 that would work great for his studio (and I thought it would be good to share this with the world too) so […]

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Best Wedding Proposal Marry You Flashmob

[vc_column width=”1/1″]He waited 7 years before asking her to marry him,
She had no idea the flash mob was for her or that he was going to ask her to marry […]

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Casting Call – 04-29-14

Casting Call
Open to Las Vegas Nevada USA based talent:
Starting rate is $100 an hour, 8 to 10 hour day, one location (mansion) here in Las Vegas. Approximately 7 scenes. Non union.
Need 2 actresses around 20 years old in -> appearance <-, tall (~5’7″ to 5’11”), slender, toned. Will be in bikini for last scene of […]

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How to build a website for an actor in 2014

How to build a website for an actor in 2014

For any actors looking to build their internet presence, there’s a couple of things you should know.
Having just a Facebook or Google+ profile is NOT enough these days!
Just as a store front business must have a website, so do you as a professional actor.
Why? Simple… Presentation […]

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Digital Watermarks

The title of this post is “Digital Watermarks”.

Basically, the point of this post is to show a primary source that in fact Motion Picture Studios do use Digimarc technology to help digitally watermark feature films for years now against forms of piracy. Application can be applied to early viewing DVD screeners to incentivise these privileged individuals […]

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metro colors – The Best of Metro Color Palette

Why are Metro colors and layouts so much celebrated ?
Because Metro colors bring out the vibrant nature of a true Metro . The colors by themselves are bright and filled with life – a life full of excitement, health, fun and speed! Any Metro color can give the effect of Caffeine to the viewers mind – […]




Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Title: Couch Talk with Gamer Girls™

Genre: Reality-Talk show w/ live interaction

WGA Registered: #1660725


Couch Talk with Gamer Girls is a live streaming webshow on Twitch.TV averaging 400 simultaneous live viewers and a viewer base of about 25,000! The show is a Reality-Talk show hybrid with […]

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Gamer Girls Show Launch Announcement

Levy Image & Design LLC announces the launch of new Gamer Girls Show with Live interaction!
Couch Talk with Gamer Girls™ © 2013 Levy Image & Design LLC

WGA Registered #1660725

Good news for all video game consumers out there ! David AE Levy, the owner and founder of Levy Image & Design LLC, recently announced the launch of “ Couch […]

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Royalty Free Music Get the best of online

Get the best of Royalty Free Music online !
The number 1 destination that comes to my mind when I think of royalty free music is Soundcloud !  These guys have for sure taken an oath …  to fill themselves with as much awesomeness as possible . Every music they have in their site seems to […]

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Social Media Icon Pack – The Blue Steel

Social Media Icon Pack – The Blue Steel

Just accept it – Best of the best things in this world come in BLUE !  J For sure there is some relation between the color blue and the human mind that get people to always like watching anything that has a blue tint to it . Blue […]