David AE Levy

David AE Levy

David AE Levy works with artists, businesses, and entrepreneurs who have technologically frustrating challenges such as brand exposure in the internet and helps them get conversion.

David is passionate about the arts, and design but more importantly, how to use them to get the word out about his clients, their product, service or company. He works with his clients to put together a plan to increase their presence using a variety of media channels. He enjoys making the sparks of ingenuity truly great and successful.

David started multiple media production companies including Breaking Free Inc and Levy Image & Design LLC and has worked with many fellow entrepreneurs along the west coast from Las Vegas, Nevada to Portland, Oregon.

How to build a website for an actor in 2014

How to build a website for an actor in 2014

For any actors looking to build their internet presence, there’s a couple of things you should know.
Having just a Facebook or Google+ profile is NOT enough these days!
Just as a store front business must have a website, so do you as a professional actor.
Why? Simple… Presentation and search engine accessibility of information.
When you rely SOLEY on social media you cripple your overall control of your presence on the internet.
There’s a ton of SEO reasons I can share with you on how and why but the important thing is that you […]

Digital Watermarks

The title of this post is “Digital Watermarks”.

Basically, the point of this post is to show a primary source that in fact Motion Picture Studios do use Digimarc technology to help digitally watermark feature films for years now against forms of piracy. Application can be applied to early viewing DVD screeners to incentivise these privileged individuals to not leak the DVD as rips on the internet. It’s presumed (according to this study by Kevin A. Hassett and Robert J. Shapiro) that in 2009 $51 BILLION worth of capitol (potential motion picture revenue) was lost due to piracy. Which is roughly 6% of […]

metro colors – The Best of Metro Color Palette

Why are Metro colors and layouts so much celebrated ?
Because Metro colors bring out the vibrant nature of a true Metro . The colors by themselves are bright and filled with life – a life full of excitement, health, fun and speed! Any Metro color can give the effect of Caffeine to the viewers mind – thus its popularly used in any product that requires a stable, hip and trendy branding.

Metro colors at its best :
While there are many variations and shades of Metro colors available, it takes the most creative brain to bring out the true magic of […]

Social media marketing – Levy Image & Design LLC

Social Media Marketing, Web Design, Graphic Design, Video Production
Levy Image & Design LLC

Are you a Business , Entrepreneur or Artist looking to position your brand with fantastic web design , video production , amazing graphic design etc. coupled with strategic Social Media Marketing ? then Levy Image & Design LLC is the best destination to get your dreams go wild ! …. Read on :

When it comes to taking your brand into the digital world you need to seriously take into consideration many elements for creating that picture perfect brand image in the mind of anyone checking out […]




Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Title: Couch Talk with Gamer Girls™

Genre: Reality-Talk show w/ live interaction

WGA Registered: #1660725


Couch Talk with Gamer Girls is an incredible TV show to give new heights for women empowerment in the video gaming industry! The show is a Reality-Talk show hybrid with live interaction and a competitive voting element. The show will maintain a cast of 6 to 8 gamer girls. Each episode the girls will discuss video game topics with each other and their viewer base. The girls, in good spirit and fun, will also […]

Gamer Girls TV Show Launch Announcement

Levy Image & Design LLC announces the launch of new Gamer Girls TV Show with Live interaction!
Couch Talk with Gamer Girls™ © 2013 Levy Image & Design LLC

WGA Registered #1660725

Good news for all the gamer girls out there ! David AE Levy, the owner and founder of Levy Image & Design LLC, recently announced the launch of “ Couch Talk with Gamer Girls “ . It’s a no brainer that the video game world is dominated by males – so this is a first of its kind video game show designed specifically for the girls in games . This incredible show […]

Hardstyle – The Music Moves Me

Welcome to the world of HARDSTYLE !
“ Music moves me – Music keeps me alive…. My mortal body is for the mud to eat – Ma life is owned by Music “ – Is that what YOU feel  ?  Yeah ? Come on…do this , take your right hand and keep it on your heart and feel your heart pounding …. Listen to each beat ….feel the time gap between each beat … Now fill this time gap with a triple pulse and within each beat give a hard trance push …feel the effect ? feel the continues dips […]